About the N.C. Health Care Personnel Education and Credentialing Section

Information for and about unlicensed health care workers is collected by the N.C. Health Care Personnel Registry (HCPR) Section. The section provides services for the unlicensed health care workers, their employers and their instructors.

Some of those services include approval of Nurse Aide I training and competency evaluation programs. The section also has regulatory responsibility for Medication Aide and Nurse Aide I competency.

The section conducts investigations into allegations of abuse and neglect, misappropriation of property, fraud and drug diversion, and posts pending investigations and findings to the Health Care Personnel and Nurse Aide I Registry.

When individuals complete Nurse Aide I, Geriatric Aide or Medication Aide training and competency requirements, they are listed in the registry. The section makes registry information available for them, the public and their employers to access, provided they have the individual's Social Security number. Most health care facilities that hire unlicensed staff are required to conduct pre-employment registry verification through the section.

The section is part of the N.C. Department of Health and Human Services, Division of Health Service Regulation.

The HCPR section formed in 1996 because of a new state law for the Health Care Personnel Registry. The department reorganized and combined its Nurse Aide I programs, including registry, training, testing, and investigations, with the new Health Care Personnel Registry. Our authority comes from N.C. § 131E Article 15 Link goes outside of N.C. DHHS. and other state and federal mandates.

Since forming in 1996, our responsibilities have grown in these areas:

The HCPR Section has two branches:

  1. The HCPR Investigations Branch, responsible for
  2. The Center for Aide Regulation and Education (CARE) Branch, responsible for

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